Order Picking in the 21st Century

Companies are finding that voice-directed warehouse solutions can improve operations and drive costs from the supply chain. Some of the findings addressed in this white paper are:

• Voice-directed warehouse order selection has been found to be more accurate and more productive than both handheld scanning and paper/label based methods.

  • One company achieved a reduction of 50% in returns after implementing voice, which resulted in nearly $1.3 million in savings in the first year.
  • The same company noted that additional physical moves required by scanning led to inaccuracies in picking orders. After converting to voice, shortages dropped by 11% and mispicks decreased by over 25%.
  • Labor and training benefit directly from voice technology solutions.
  • By applying voice solutions to perform a range of assignments across their warehouse, companies can further extend the economic and business benefits.

Voice-directed warehouse solutions enable companies to achieve efficiencies that translate into measurable operational gains over traditional picking solutions. Users report increases in productivity and accuracy, as well as a direct payback to the bottom line—all significant benefits that cannot be ignored—proving the value of the voice implementation. Whether the goal is reduced labor costs or greater operational efficiency, or both, voice technology has the ability to rapidly deliver a positive operational contribution to warehousing and distribution operations.

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